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Photo Credits: Naturalist Kurt Johnson, Wild Things of Wyoming

Grand Teton Photography & Wildlife Safaris

Professional and amateur photographers flock to our area for workshops throughout the spring, summer and fall. Scenery and wildlife in the region make Grand Teton National Park (only three miles west), one of the most popular locations. Allow one of our expert guides show you where the animals are, or venture out on your own in our natural surroundings.

In May each year it’s common to see our resident Moose using the Hatchet as a nursery for her new offspring.

In the heat of the summer, many species of wildlife head for the high country. Nearby Togwotee Pass allows Hatchet guests to drive nearly 3,000 feet higher into the mountains. Togwotee is a great spot for taking in the scenery and searching for wildlife. You may even see grizzly bears and wolves.

The valley that surrounds the Hatchet is ideal for photographing moose, bison, elk, deer, eagles, coyotes, and osprey. Our team can easily provide current recommendations on where people are seeing wildlife or help arrange for a guide.

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Wild Things of Wyoming