Moran, WY
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What Makes Us Unique?

Heritage for Why we’re Different

From the first owners of this land to the current owner of the Hatchet, we all have a deep-seated respect and love for the uniqueness and beauty of the area – that is very difficult to put into words.  This love of the area and all it offers is profoundly felt and continues to make every day special and a gift.

Heck, even our plucky coworkers bound through overwhelming struggles to get here to serve you. The two families that have worked with us for years, from Mexico, are so dedicated and excited to work with you each season that they arrive weeks in advance of our opening day! Local colleagues, with generations of history here in the Buffalo Valley of Jackson Hole, are what make us special. We hope you will experience this same enjoyment and distinct feeling from your visit.  It is our goal to hand down the passion for the Hatchet, just as it was handed down to us.

historical photo of Jack and Lucy Shive
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the log cabin exterior of the gift shop at the hatchet resort

Why is the Hatchet different from other lodging and restaurant options?

Our people are unmatched elsewhere in the world because our beginnings have taught us differently. And our guests are cut from that same high caliber, recognizing genuine hospitality from a generation that cared for their neighbors and community. Memories & experiences are our legacy, not fancy amenities and hoity toity nonsense. We abound with genuine experiences so you’re part of the real deal in our rustic hotel. See the beauty and simplicity for yourself, it’s transformative. We’ve been building your experience since 1889.

Our team of colleagues serving you are more than just a team; they’re families, yup related brothers, sisters, cousins and relatives all working together for years. Returning to the Hatchet each spring because we LOVE sharing our piece of the country with you! These same wonderful people CHOOSE to join us each year and we’re honored that they take exceptional care of you in the tradition grounded in authentic western Wyoming hospitality.

Add our superstar team to the amazing animal encounters and you’re ready with a recipe of indelible memories. Felicia, the grizzly momma that forages on property each spring, our resident pine martin and badger, along with a family of fox, the moose and her calf, elk and deer. These animals return each year and are part of what makes our area unique.

Now more than ever having an appreciation for being content with one’s location and the awe-inspiring beauty of our magnificent national parks heartfully reminds us of what we have to be thankful for.